PID Academy Comprehensive Implant Course – March 2018 to May 2019
Date: March 9th, 2018
Lecturers: Ashok Sethi, Naresh Sharma, Thomas Kaus
Cost: (inc VAT)

Course Synopsis

This course covers 12 hands-on modules (usually Friday/Saturday) over 18 months. Modules are based at the Academy of Clinical Excellence in Yorkshire with a visit to a surgical skills training centre (for the anatomical dissection module).

Our 2018 course will start on Friday, March 9th, 2018.

Preliminary dates for the hands-on modules in 2018/2019. Clinical observation dates are to be decided (usually Thursday afternoon prior to the dates at The Academy):

  1. 09-10/Mar/2018
  2. 13-14/Apr/2018
  3. 11-12/May/2018
  4. 08-09/Jun/2018
  5. 28-30/Jun/2018 (at University of Tübingen, Germany)
  6. 14-15/Sep/2018
  7. 19-20/Oct/2018
  8. 07-08/Dec/2018
  9. 18-19/Jan/2019
  10. 01-02/Mar/2019
  11. 12-13/Apr/2019
  12. 24-25/May/2019


This hands-on implant training course aims to develop the clinical skills of participating dentists. 

You will learn how to: 


  • Select patients who are suitable for treatment within the limits and the clinical expertise of the surgeon, and in the best interests of the patient.
  • Make better use of clinical examination, modern imaging techniques (3-D interactive imaging) and laboratory artefacts.
  • Evaluate medical and systemic condition to ensure that the patient can be treated safely.
  • Develop a treatment plan for each patient, communicating effectively and documenting the proposed treatment.
  • Identify patients requiring major augmentation, evaluate outcome and propose predictable treatment options.
  • Carry out all surgical aspects of the treatment including soft and hard tissue surgery, including implant placement and minor augmentation.
  • Carry out all aspects of restorative treatment including fixed restorations and removable prosthesis.
  • Provide documentation to certify that treatment has been carried out in a manner, which is medico-legally sound.
  • Maintain and monitor treatment that has been carried out.


To book your place on this course please follow this link:




Fees for the implant training programme 2018/19:


£16,000 if you register and pay the total fees upfront.


£18,000 If you register and want to pay in installments.

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