The Nigel Hargreaves Restorative Course – Cohort 2 starting September 2017 (12 days)
Date: September 29th, 2017
CPD Hours: 84 Hours
Lecturers: Nigel J Hargreaves BDS MDentSci (Rest Dent)
Cost: 3300.00 (inc VAT)

Course Synopsis

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Course overview

This course will improve both your skills and your confidence in restoring your patients’ smile.

The course is

  • Largely practical as there is little time spent lecturing/presenting and more time in the  phantom head room getting as much practical experience as possible on the phantom heads.
  • Based on the Tell-Show-Do approach to learning
  • Evidence based

29th Sept 2017 – Day 1 Occlusion   Principles of Occlusion, Jaw manipulations, Facebows, Articulators, Assessing vertical dimension and re-organising occlusion.

30th Sept 2017  – Day 2 Occlusion  Mounting casts, TMJ anatomy, pathology and tooth wear. Use of occlusal splints

13th Oct 2017 – Day 3   Direct Bonded Restorations   Assessment of colour and colour science. Direct bonding systems. Anterior direct aesthetic composite techniques.

14th Oct 2017  Day 4 Direct Bonded Restorations   Posterior direct composites and bonded amalgams. How to carve and finish posterior restorations to give stunning occlusal anatomy.

3rd Nov 2017 Day 5   Crown Preps and Impressions  Principles of crown preps. Anterior preps for different crowns. Impression taking for crown and bridgework.

4th Nov 2017 Day 6 Crown Preps& labs Posterior crown preps and indirect adhesive restoration preps. Crown cementation and cements. Lab materials and communication

12th Jan 2018 Day 7  Smile Design and Veneers  Principles of smile design. Preps for different situations to achieve predictable aesthetic results. Diagnostic work, planning & provisionalisation.

13th Jan 2018 Day 8 Smile Design and Veneers Practical including preparations, impressions, provisionals and cementation. Photography.

2nd Feb 2018  Day 9 Bridges    Principles of bridge design. Practical to prepare bridges for different situations for different materials.

3rd Feb 2018  Day 10 Dentures  How to improve full denture predictability. Clinical and Lab techniques. Partial denture options that are available.

2nd Mar 2018 Day 11 Dental Implants On overview of Dental Implants. How to restore simple cases. Treatment options, costs and maintenance of implants in general practice.

3rd Mar 2018  Day 12  Post/Restoration RF teeth + top 10 tips for everyday practice  Restoration of endodontically treated teeth. Different techniques for anterior and posterior situations. What it says on the can! Top 10 tips and hints to make life easier, more efficient and give better results. Course summary.

Restorative Course Outline 2017

A modular course in restorative dentistry, run on one day per month over a year. The course is evidence based and is designed as a “tell-show-do” practical course, to increase delegates knowledge, but to also improve their practical skills and increase confidence, so that techniques and skills learned can be put into use in practice, the very next week.

The days are designed to be as practical as possible, utilizing the phantom head facilities in the Academy to their maximum. Most course days will start with a lecture/presentation outlining the tasks and practical sessions for the day first thing in the morning. In most cases, we would hope to then be in the phantom head room by mid-morning, spending as much time as possible carrying out the practical tasks for the day, through to the mid or late afternoon where we will spend time summing up the day and discussing the techniques carried out, along with points that are raised and questions and answers.

Personally, I feel that restorative dentistry is a practical based subject and as long as techniques are evidence based and driven by research, there is little to be learned by reviewing academic papers and discussing techniques, or me showing slides of them, it is far better to be cutting teeth and carrying out the techniques in the phantom heads themselves. My own feeling is that delegates learn better by carrying out the treatment themselves, rather than watching me demonstrate them or looking at glamourized before and after photographs.

The course days are relaxed and good humoured, again, people learn best in a relaxed, fun and friendly environment. No-one is singled out and made to feel uncomfortable. On previous courses that I have run, I have found that many delegates feel extremely intimidated, whether it be because questions are directed towards them or their practical work is singled out. This approach does not result in better learning, so course days are relaxed with all questions and practical tasks being very open with no-one’s work being singled out.

There is no formal academic reading requirement for each course module. Literature references and benchmark or useful papers will be given the module in advance, to give you chance to read the literature or relevant chapters in a text book. If you read these, then you will be better prepared, if you do not, then you will still be able to attend, participate and enjoy the day.

At the beginning of the course, you will be supplied with a bur kit,  which includes all the bur patterns and types needed for all the practical sessions. These are related to and referenced in all the practical days and presentations in the “step-by-step”, or “painting-by-numbers” method of teaching tooth preparations. You will also be given a set of jaws for the phantom head units, which you will use throughout the course and then you can keep these after the course to use as demonstration models for patients, especially if you have some of the labwork made-up on the models themselves. Your course deposit, paid in advance covers the bur kit and phantom head jaws.

On each practical day, you will be given a printed manual booklet, covering the step by step practical stages for the day, which you can use on the day for reference and also in practice afterwards. Additionally, a summary of the course day presentation will be supplied on CD or memory stick, to give you a reference to the information taught.

Materials are supplied on course days for you to trial and sample. In almost all cases, these are materials that I use everyday, but alternatives are provided to allow you to try and sample materials that you would otherwise not get chance to try. All burs and materials are then summarized in a materials manual that will give all the details of the products used, along with companies that supply them and re-order codes, this is to make re-ordering things from practice much easier afterwards.

All in all, the course is designed as a relaxed and friendly way to improve clinical restorative dentistry knowledge, skills and confidence. To give delegates a better understanding of techniques and materials which in turn will give more confidence in prescribing and carry out good quality, predictable restorative dentistry.

The course fee includes:

  • All presentations given on CD/memory stick to all delegates for each course day
  • Practical manuals given to each delegate for each day for use in practice afterwards
  • Full product and materials back up with product re-order catalogues for all materials and burrs used.
  • Initial burr kits supplied at the start of the course for all practical work, which are referenced throughout the course
  • Phantom head jaws included in course fee to take away at the end of the course to use as patient demonstration models


£3,300 inc VAT –  £300  initial registration followed by 6  monthly payments of  £500 – to be arranged after course registration.


Nigel J Hargreaves BDS MDentSci(Rest Dent)      


Nigel qualified from Sheffield University in 1988 gaining the KaVi prize in oral surgery. He started advanced restorative dentistry training in 199 and completed his Masters degree in Restorative Dentistry in 2005 at the Leeds Dental Institute.

Nigel has worked in private prosthodontic practice since 1995 and has received advanced training in London, Austria, Italy, Portugal and the USA in the fields of Implantology, Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry, by some of the worlds’ leading clinicians. He worked with Paul Tipton at St Ann’s Dental Clinic in Manchester and taught on the Restorative, Asthetic, Practial and Implant Courses between 2001 and 2006

After initially spending several years at a leading referral practice in Manchester, Nigel then built up his own purely referral practice in West Yorkshire, providing all aspects of dental implant treatments, both surgical and restorative, along with all other aspects of prosthetic, prosthodontic and cosmetic dental treatments. Nigel’s passion is for both smile and functional reconstructions, whether using veneers, crowns, natural teeth or integrating dental implants where teeth are missing. He now works at The Old Spire Dental Practice in Halifax.

For more information follow the link  http://nigelhargreaves.co.uk/profile/


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