Combined Toxin and Lip Filler Workshop
Date: June 2nd, 2019
CPD Hours: 7 Hours
Lecturers: Dr Sharonjit Kaur BDS - BTC - Botulinum Toxin Training Club
Cost: 960.00 (inc VAT)
Duration: 7 hours

Course Synopsis

To book, follow this link at the BTC – Botulinum Toxin Training Club website.













A one day workshop covering the practical experience of Botulinum Toxin (forehead, frown and eyes) and Dermal Fillers (lips).


Models will need to be provided by you.


You will treat 1 model for Botulinum Toxin and 1 model for Dermal Fillers.
Once booked, you will be sent a series of online videos covering the theoretical aspects and you will need to successfully complete the online assessment prior to attending the practical session.


Full unlimited post workshop provided for free.



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